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In a cashless world

BoxyWorld offers you the solution you have been waiting for

Cashless Money
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We will take away the pain of running to the bank with tools To make your money transfer venture a breeze.

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Cashless Send Money Process

Collect your customer data

Obtain your customer's identifying data and contact information including full name, email, phone number, and address. This information would be stored in your account so you don't need to add the same customer every time you perform a transaction on his/her behalf.

Verify identification document

Sometimes it can be difficult to verify the legitimacy of a customer's government issued ID by just looking at it. Therefore, we have made your ID verification process simple. Also, when you validate your customer's identification document, the ID would be saved for future reference. Thus, making it a one-time event for each customer.

Collect receiver information

Obtain and record your customer's recipient info. Enter the receiver's contact and bank information to ensure that the funds are dispatched correctly.

Enter amount to send and calculate final cost

No need to pull out your pen, paper or calculator. Simply enter the amount of money to be sent and let the app evaluate the total cost of sending money to the recipient.

Download and install the Boxyworld App for Android

Download the Boxyworld App to get a variety of payment options. The Boxyworld app can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Open app and present customer with Phone to DIP or swipe their Debit card

Use the app to access one of our many stress-free payment options. Conveniently, customers can DIP, swipe or type in their card details to facilitate their transfer, all with the help of the Boxyworld app.

Transaction is final

Keep calm because the money is on its way to the recipient. Customer receipt and tracking would be sent to the sender via email and SMS

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